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Value Meets Quality - From $3.60 each including FREE Shipping!  Our classic, indestructible 1" Stainless Steel disk permanently stamped with three lines of essential information to bring your pet home safely.  Sized for both cats and dogs, this value-packed special is a favorite of those with multiple pets, rescue groups, or to just have a spare!  All pet lovers can now enjoy the security of protecting their pets for less than the price a double-mocha latte!  All TagXpress ID tags feature FREE 'SPOT LITE' SAFETY REFLECTORS, FREE SHIPPING and FAST SERVICE.

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2 Tags $10     3 Tags $12     4 Tags $16     5 Tags $20     10% Discount on Orders Over $30 - Low As $3.60 Each

Anniversary Special Tags are 1" Diameter Stainless Steel Disks - Stamped with 1/16" Lettering,  The following are letters NOT available: No Lowercase, @, $, %, *, !, +, =, ~,?, ( ) . One or Two Short Lines of Information is Recommended for This Style Due to Small Lettering.  Abbreviations are Made When Necessary.

Select Two, Three, Four or Five Tag Bundle:  

18 Characters and Spaces Per Line Maximum

Pet's Name or First Line:  
Pet's Name or First Line:  
Pet's Name or First Line:  
Pet's Name or First Line:  
Pet's Name or First Line:  
First or Top Line Can Have Different Information on Each Tag
Owner or 2nd Line:  
Phone or 3rd Line:  
Lines Two and Three Must Have Identical Information on Each Tag
Each Tag Limited to Three Lines TOTAL - 18 Characters & Spaces Per Line
See Samples and Read Description Above

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